“Five young adults are about to find themselves in a fight for their lives, pitted against evil itself! While on vacation in a foreign city, one of the five makes a seemingly innocent albeit ignorant mistake and soon all of them will realize the cost of such an inconsequential action. A stranger appears to help them, but is this too little, too late?”

‘Live Feed’ is straight out of the sick and depraved imagination of Ryan Nicholson, director of (Torched) and (Piglet). After visiting a working porno theater in the downtown east side of Vancouver, the disgusting décor and perversion filled rooms spawned the idea that later became
“Live Feed”. Since early childhood, Ryan has been a fan of monster make-up, blood, guts and gore. Over a decade ago, Ryan and his Father, Roy Nicholson, opened up their own make-up FX studio, “Flesh and Fantasy Inc..” With Roy heading up the business end of things, Ryan focused on the creative. After years of success and a handful of award nominations, finally winning the acclaimed Gemini Award for Best Make-up, Ryan decided to shift his focus towards writing and directing. Plotdigger Films was formed in 2004, again with Roy and Ryan at the helm. With the short films “Torched” and “Piglet” a clear success worldwide, the company moved on to feature films. “Live Feed” would be the first, released in 2006.

The cast of “Live Feed” was a mix of upcoming young actors, Nicholson veterans and an amazing group of Asian actors that completed the melting-pot that is the cast of “Live Feed”. Rob Scattergood, of “Torched” and “Piglet” was cast as the cheating fiancé “Darren”. Taayla Markell was cast as “ Emily”, Darren’s soon to be wife. Lee Tichon was brought onboard as Mike, the mouthy, trouble seeking steroid junkie. Ashley Schappert, who had worked with writer/director Ryan Nicholson on his upcoming “Piglet”, was cast as “Sarah”, the coke snorting, wannabe goth girlfriend of Mike. And finally, Caroline Chojnacki was cast as “Linda”, the groupie slut who betrays her best-friend and pays the ultimate price. With key cast ready to go, the search was on for the mysterious tour guide. Enter Kevan Ohtsji, cast as “Miles/Seiji”, the Vancouver local who oozes mystery with every inch of his being. It was a perfect recipe for the bloodbath to come.
Seasoned Asian actors Stephen Chang, Colin Foo and Greg Chan were brought in to play the ultra-violent Triad gang leaders and members. Actor Mike Bennett rounded out the cast of “Live Feed” as “The Giant”, a hulking beast of an executioner with a taste for
blood. “Live Feed” went to camera in May of 2005. The exhausting three week shoot filmed in the horrid “Venus Theater”, the disgusting cinema that inspired the script for “Live Feed”. It still plays pornos to this very day and is located in the dangerous, crime ridden downtown east side of Vancouver, British Columbia. The cast and crew also shot at the “Uranus Night club”, a strip club and known gang hang-out. The vibrant opening scenes of “Live Feed” were shot at the lively “Richmond Night Market”.

I remember the first fisrt day of filming…We were on set for 1am and Lee and I were the first ones to shoot a scene. I had been up since 6am that morning, and I was super tired. by 3am I was ready to just fall down dead from being so tired….then Ryan brought out the blood! I had never had so much fun in my life. Sure I was covered head to toe in fake blood…that I later learned would NOT come off…but, at that point I didn’t care, I got to kick, scream, punch and make out with a hot guy….AND I was getting paid…bloody hell, it was my
—Ashley Schappert “Sarah”

“Live Feed” was a difficult shoot. The locations were hard to film in and the all-night shooting schedule only made matters worse. But in the end, when the cameras finished rolling, everyone went away with a sense of accomplishment and several new friendships were formed.

Live Feed is now available on DVD to rent or own.